WiskeySour, The Alcohol-Activated FX Palette

  • Model: MSFX3
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  • Manufactured by: Cameleon


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WiskeySour, The Alcohol-Activated FX Palette 6 colors

is waterproof, extremely durable, non-toxic and produces ultra-realistic effects. Create body art and unlimited designs.
This Alcohol activated Palette can be used to simulate Special Effects. including burns, bruises etc


Activate with 99% alcohol for lasting, quick-dry color. Remove, clean with alcohol then Cameleon soap and water.
It is best to moisturize the skin after cleaning. We suggest “ Moist Me” for its great hydrating function.
Activate using a few drops of 99% Isopropyl ( Rubbing) Alcohol Directly in the color or your choice.
Allow the alcohol to work into the color for a few seconds. The more you let this work, the more intens the application works. All colors can be applied with sponge and/ or brush


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